DragQueen is a simple anchor alarm. It provides distance and GPS accuracy alarms along with an alarm delay. The alarm is quite annoying and is the perfect thing to waken you at night if it detects anchor dragging to your specifications.

Never use DragQueen as the sole source for any type of navigation.

DragQueen for iPhones and iPads

DragQueen for Android Phones

More boaters use Drag Queen (DQ) than any other anchor alarm so there are many people who understand how it works and there are some things that cause confusion at times and a few tricks that make DQ even better at assisting you.

Tip 1 - false alarms:
There's nothing special about DQ that would make it give a false alarm more than any other app.
However, there are capabilities that some people don't know about and that could be where the false alarms come from.
DQ will alarm based on anchor distance or GPS accuracy. If GPS accuracy reduces, it generally means there is a bad storm causing the GPS position to become inaccurate. A good setting for the GPS Alarm field is generally 30 metres. A good setting for the Alarm Delay is 45 seconds. Those parameters will tend to give you more reliable alarms for the basic GPS information. DQ continuously reports GPS Accuracy. With a good view of the sky, the reported value should be about 5 metres feet. In a stateroom, the accuracy drops to 10 metres.

Tip 2 - there's a bug:
DQ will be integrated into a new app in 2017. For now, there is a bug. Whenever you set the lat/long by tapping the Set button twice, tap into another field like Distance Alarm and then tap out of it. When you do that, the lat/long will be saved. In some situations, if you don't tap in and out of another field, the lat/long will revert to your previous anchorage position.
Tip 3 - the blinking indicator on top of the Set button: 
When DQ starts up, it asks the device to provide a GPS position once every second. But there are times when the system stops responding with coordinates - perhaps because it's busy or because it isn't seeing enough satellites. The device might have crashed too. But every time a position report is received, a small WiFi type of symbol turns on or off on top of the Set button. Looking there for a couple of seconds is a great way to verify that GPS data is working well and coming into the app for evaluation.
Trick 1 - knowing when you've come to a stop:
When you're about to deploy your anchor, you stand on the bow and wait for the boat to come to a complete stop. This can be difficult to judge when you're anchoring in current because the water will look like it's moving even if your boat has stopped. A great way to monitor your speed is to go to the bow and tap the Set button twice to set a lat/long position before you drop your anchor. Now watch the Anchor Distance display - you'll see it counting as you move away from the place where you tapped Set. When you see the Anchor Distance stop changing, you know you're standing still. Drop your anchor and tap the Set button twice again to record your anchor's position. Then tap Distance Alarm and tap out to keep it saved and put your phone in your pocket or someplace safe.
Trick 2 - battery life overnight:
An iPhone 6 or later and later Android phones can monitor your anchor with DQ all night without being plugged in if you're careful about battery usage. Turn the screen dim to the lowest setting. You don't need it bright at night. Turn off WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular. For iPhones, place the phone into Airplane mode. Since iOS 7, Airplane mode keeps the GPS powered but turns off all other radios.