A selection of tried and true smartphone weather/star gazer apps for the dry continent.

BOMWind Finder and Willy Weather are freebies. However Wind Finder Pro is an excellent investment at minimal cost for wind outlooks.

I recommend Wind Finder Pro and Pocket Grib as the best apps for long term wind oulook. The only downside with Pocket Grib is the need to constantly download GRIB files to update the wind modelling charts. However you will always need an internet connection for any app.


BOM (Australian Bureau of Meteorology) for Iphones

BOM (Australian Bureau of Meteorology) for Android phones

Go Sky Watch for Iphones - great app for star gazers and celestial navigation


**Pocket Grib for Iphones**

**Pocket Grib for Android phones**


Seabreeze for Iphones


Vaavud for Iphones - buy your wind meter on this site

Vaavud for Android phones - buy your wind meter on this site


Willy Weather for Iphones

Willy Weather for Android phones

**Wind Finder for smart phones**

Wind Seeker for Iphones - excellent graphical interface for real time wind at a given destination