Collapsible Plastic 5 litre Bucket

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Collapsible Plastic Bucket 5 Litre Collapsible Plastic Bucket 5 Litre
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These robust folding buckets are ideal space-savers on any boat. Ruggedly made from thermoplastic elostamer for durability and easy folding/unfolding. The hard rim and folding handle is made from polypropylene. There is a tie point for securing to a rail or cleat.

They are lightweight, durable, non-tainting and UV stable.

They are a great safety item on any boat for use as a bailer.

They are quickly and easily folded and unfolded and stored in narrow spaces.

  Top Bottom Folded Expanded
  diameter diameter height height
  (cm) (cm) (cm) (cm)
   5 Litre Folding Bucket 25 15 5 19


Brand Proceans

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