LED All Round White Navigation Lights

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Offering nationwide delivery on all of our quality products, we have made it easier than ever to stock up on your marine replacement equipment. If you require navigation lights for any boat up to 20m, then take a look at our products available for sale throughout Australia. With a two nautical mile visibility, our 12V 360 degree LED lights are constructed from AISI 316 stainless steel. This includes the shaft, housing and base, meaning superior durability and resistance to corrosive salt spray and waves. The watertight clear top and gromet will prevent water from heavy seas from entering the delicate interior in harmful quantities.  

You can expect up to 10,000 hours of usage before the globe requires changing, with a power consumption rate of 0.6 watts. The navigation boat lights we offer are typically recommended for vessels up to 20m in length.

Ensure your boat has the necessary lights to maintain maritime safety

If you are a regular sailor or boatman, then having the right replacement accessories on hand is imperative to ensure you’re always prepared to take to the high seas. Having the required lights are also a necessity to make sure your vessel meets the required safety standards. If you are out on the water at night, during overcast conditions or in mist, then ensuring your boat is visible to other vessels will increase both their and your safety.

Our boat navigation lights are available for sale throughout Australia

Throughout our entire manufacturing and distribution process, we maintain various quality control measures to ensure each and every one of our products, whether it be boat plumbing, fenders or otherwise, meet our uncompromising standards. As we offer our entire product range direct to our consumers, we have removed the need for any wholesalers or distributors. This means we are able to scale the cost of our products and pass those savings on to you.

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