Hose by the meter

Quality Marine Hoses for Sale in Queensland and Beyond

Whitsunday Discount Marine stocks a range of specialised hoses for the boating world, with products designed for a variety of purposes including bilge; transfer of air, water, beverages, petroleum-based products; and much more. All our marine hoses for sale are priced by the meter, allowing you to order exactly how much you need without paying a cent too much. Browse our range and enjoy the convenience of purchasing online!

It’s never been easier to buy marine hose

Gone are the days when you would have to head down to the local hardware store to pick up parts and equipment, some of which are not always in stock. With Whitsunday Discount Marine, you can search for any specialty boating items you need from the comfort of your own home or office; all you have to do is select any items you wish to purchase and proceed through our quick and easy checkout. We process all orders as soon as possible and will have everything delivered straight to your doorstep, whether that be in Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia or anywhere else in the country. Warehouse pickup is available on any purchase for those who wish to forgo shipping.

Why choose us for marine products?

Aside from the convenience of shopping online, there are a number of reasons why we are the supplier of choice for boating enthusiasts all over Australia. For one, we keep our prices as low as possible by cutting out the middle man and offering heavy discounts on a variety of items; taking wholesalers and distributors out of the process allows you to get the supplies you need without spending a fortune. On top of that, we stand by the quality of each and every item in our range so you can have full confidence that anything you buy will be of the standard you expect.

Make an enquiry

If you have questions or concerns of any kind, we are always here to help. Fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with any information you need. To organise collection of your marine hoses from our Queensland warehouse, send us an email at office@whitsundaydiscountmarine.com.au.