Proceans High Quality Rope

Nylon and Polyester Anchor Rope on Sale in Australia

Rope is an essential supply for any boating enthusiast or business, and Whitsunday Discount Marine offers everything you need with the convenience of online shopping. Our range includes solid core double diamond braided polyester anchor rope with abrasion resistance and low stretch that is perfect for rigging. We also stock three strand nylon anchor rope with the strength, elasticity and durability that makes it ideal for anchoring, mooring and docking. Buy an easy dispense reel of 100 metres and you’ll save at least 40% when compared with the price per metre.

Get Dyneema rope delivered in Queensland and beyond

Looking for Dyneema rope for sale at a competitive price? Our halyards use a Dyneema braided core that is coated with a double layer of braided polyester and a 25mm spliced and whipped eye at one end—this makes them efficient for winching and a great alternative to stainless steel. In fact, Dyneema has been found to be 15 times stronger than steel wire and will remain dry when being used in wet conditions.

We have boat rope for sale to meet all your needs

The convenience of buying anything you need online is just the beginning of why we are one of the most popular suppliers of boating equipment in Australia. We cut out wholesalers, distributors and other middlemen to ensure we can keep our prices as low as possible on everything in our range while adding heavy discounts where possible. Despite our commitment to competitive pricing, we ensure each and every item on offer in our range is of the best possible standard; this allows you to have full peace of mind when shopping for nylon anchor rope and double braided rope for sale at discount prices.

Talk to the experts

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to find and order everything you need in just minutes. If you ever have a question about a product, need help placing an order or have an enquiry about anything else, don’t hesitate to get in touch through our online contact form. To arrange warehouse pickup of your items, email us at