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24 Diamond Braid

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Polyester Double Braided Rope 8mm x 100m, Green/White Fleck Polyester Double Braided Rope 8mm x 100m, Green/White Fleck
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Proceans double braided polyester sailing ropes are manufactured by Capella.

This rope is made of 100% high-tenacity polyester. Specially designed for sheets and control lines on yachts of every size. Ideal for blue water sailing and long distances. Easy to splice, low stretch with high breaking loads.

Construction: 12-plait polyester core, 24 plait polyester cover.

Features: Double polyester braided construction. Easy to splice. Low stretch.

High breaking load.

Application: Sheet, Backstay, Halyard, Downhaul, Reefing line, Boom vang/kicker, Furling line.

Quality assurance is performed on finished ropes by batch to ensure breaking strains meet published standards.

Proceans polyester double diamond braided rope has:

  • A single core of hollow braided white polyester filament with an outer diamond braid cover (a rope within a rope, hence the expression double braided). The core quality is paramount to the breaking strength which it shares with the cover. The cover increases the handling, twist minimization and abrasion/UV resistance quality of the rope.
  • 25% less elasticity than nylon rope
  • High UV rating
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Rot, mildew and chemical resistant
  • Polyester has a soft silky feel
  • Polyester rope does not float
Rope Diameter UHMWPE 12 strand (Dyneema/Spectra) Dyneema Core w Polyester Cover Nylon 3 Strand Rope Polyester Braided Sailing Line Polyester Double Braid
BL (Kg) WL (Kg) BL (Kg) WL (Kg) BL (Kg) WL (Kg) BL (Kg) WL (Kg) BL (Kg) WL (Kg)
3mm 1,010 202             150 30
4mm 1,450 290                
5mm 2,400 480                
6mm 3,000 600             700 140
8mm 4,800 960 2,000 400         1,600 320
10mm 7,800 1,560 3,000 600     2,000 400 2,300 460
12mm     4,500 900 2,400 480 3,000 600 3,000 600
14mm         3,300 660 4,000 800    
16mm         4,400 880        
18mm         5,000 1,000        
20mm         6,500 1,300        
24mm         8,500 1,700        
* BL = tested and confirmed average breaking load under laboratory conditions  
** WL = recommended working load is set by the manufacturer as 1/5 the BL and is the maximum safe load which can applied on a continuous basis.


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