AISI 316 Stainless Steel Guarantee

Whitsunday Discount Marine stainless steel is guaranteed AISI 316 grade. AISI refers to American Iron and Steel Institute. AISI and SAE (Society of Automotive Engineering) have identical standards for 316 stainless-steel.
"316" indicates the steel is low-carbon marine grade stainless steel containing 16-18% chromium, 10-14% nickel, 2.0-3.0% molybdenum, 2manganese, 0.08% carbon, 0.75% silicon, 0.045% phosphorus, 0.03% sulphur, and 0.1% nitrogen by weight, with the remainder consisting entirely of iron
Every batch of stainless steel which enters our partner factories are thoroughly tested before casting or welding. Whether you buy an anchor, chain, shackle or one of the 500 plus stainless-steel fittings, you can rest assured it will be highly resistant to corrosion and pitting and carries our unconditional money back guarantee.

Rough surface finishes on stainless steel, promote tea staining. This is the brown spotting seen on the surface of any stainless steel which has been oxidized by salt water or salt in the air.


A surface roughness (Ra) below 0.5 micrometer is strongly recommended. The lower the number the better. For example, a 0.1 is five times better than a 0.5 micrometer.

Typically, Proceans branded AISI 316 products sold exclusively by Whitsunday Discount Marine are polished to 600 grit or 0.1 micrometer. Your premium quality guarantee.