Aluminium Propellers for Honda Outboards

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Honda Propeller - 9.9HP, Dia 9 1/4", Pitch 10" Honda Propeller - 9.9HP, Dia 9 1/4", Pitch 10"
8 Splines
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These low cost, high quality PowerWing, lightweight propellers for Honda outboard motors are vacuum casted in aluminium to improve tensile strength and reduce possibility of gas bubbles. The propeller is then threefold powder coated for maximum protection and appearance.

All parts for a PowerWing propeller are made in the PowerWing factory using proprietory moulds and machinery.

PowerWing your guarantee of quality.

Each propeller has a rubber hub or inner hub bushing made of unique hard rubber, moulded to a proprietory splined brass spindle (corrosion proof coating) to keep the propeller precision-centered on the propshaft, dampen vibrations and help protect the shaft from the severe shock of striking a submerged object with the propeller.

Propeller markings indicate, for example 9 ¼  X 10:



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