When choosing an anchor it is paramount to consider both your length of boat, weight of boat and weather conditions in your area.

The table below illustrates recommended weights based on an average boat in average conditions.

Whitsunday Discount Marine always advises to select an anchor in the highest weight/length category for your boat. This will give you peace of mind when the conditions turn nasty and for an overnight.

The anchor style is dependant on bottom type and personal preference.

Folding grapnel anchors are ideal connected to anchoring rope using at least 1 metre of chain:

  • As a second or emergency anchor
  • For RIB"s, inflatables and jetskis

Reef anchors are ideal for coral reefs and sandy bottoms for easy retrieval from small boats. Remember to use at least 5 metres of chain to hold them in place.

Anchor Weight to Boat Length Table

Kilos Boat Length*
6 For boats 14 to 24 feet or 4 to 7.5 metres in length
10 For boats 23 to 35 feet or 7 to 11 metres in length
15 For boats 28 to 39 feet or 8.5 to 12 metres in length
20 For boats 35 to 45 feet or 11 to 14 metres in length
25 For boats 38 to 50 feet or 11.5 to 15.5 metres in length
32 For boats 50 to 65 feet or 15.5 to 20 metres in length