1. Pump will not start or blows the circuit

  • The first thing would be to look at the electrical circuit. This includes checking the fuse, switch, circuit breaker, and the earth. if you are running off batteries, make sure you are obtaining correct voltage.
  • Check to see if the pump is hot. It could simply have stopped due to the thermal breaker being triggered. Wait until it cools down.
  • If your pump has spent the night below freezing conditions such as those experienced in some parts of alpine Australia, it could be that the water against the pump diaphragm has frozen causing it to seize. Wait for it to thaw.
  • If you have voltage present at the switch, try bypassing the pressure with. Does the pump operate?

2. Pump runs but will not prime and splutters

  • Check the water level of your tank. It is not a silly as it sounds.
  • It is common that the strainer or inline filter has become clogged with foreign debris. If this happens it will stop the flow of water to the pump. Simply clean or replace the filter.
  • If you are using a hot water system, air could have built yo within your hot water tank producing an airlock. Release the pressure from your tank, refer to your HWS owner's manual.
  • Check your plumbing connections. If they have become loose, they could very well be causing a vacuum leak.
  • Check your hose to make sure no kinks have appeared, and that all your valves are functioning correctly.
  • Check your pump is getting voltage.

‍3. Pump Rapid Cycles

  • The major cause of rapid cycling is restrictive plumbing. This can be restrictive taps and shower heads or kinked hoses.
  • If you are running a water filter or purifier then this should be installed on a separate line feed. Do not purify all your water.

4. My pump will not shut off or runs when taps are closed

  • Check your plumbing's pressured side for leaks, dripping taps, or if you have a plumbed toilet (for flush), make sure it is functioning correctly.
  • Check your pump is receiving the correct voltage.
  • Check the pump head screws have not worked loose.
  • Possible Debris is causing valves to stay open.

‍5. Pump is noisy or running rough

  • Check Plumbing has not worked loose or become kinked.
  • Clean out your strainer from any foreign debris.
  • Is your pump plumbed using a flexible hose and mounted correctly?
  • Bleed your plumbing system of any air.