How to use and care for your inflatable fenders

Fenders are designed solely for the protection of your boat. Fenders are placed on areas where the boat is/will be in contact with another boat or dock through movement. Well placed fenders will protect your boat from damage.

The size of the fender depends on the size of the boat. The larger the boat, the larger the diameter of the fender.

On average three to four fenders are needed for good protection in light/medium weather.

On average six fenders are needed for maximum protection in heavy weather.

Inflatable fenders require minimal maintenance. Wash fenders, fender ties and covers with fresh water from a hose. If dirty wash with warm soapy water using a non-scratch scourer. With proper care, your fenders can protect your boat for up to ten years.

For stubborn stains, use either a degreaser or a commercially available sticky spot remover and a soft cloth. Wash well with soapy water to remove residue.

Easy inflation and deflation

Whitsunday Discount Marine supplies a special adaptor needle for inflating your Proceans fender, which fits into an air compressor gun or hand pump. Note: normal sports equipment inflating needles have sharp ends which may damage the valve.

Insert the inflating needle into the centre of the valve and gently push all the way in. If it is difficult to insert, do not force it. Change the angle of the needle and re-try.

The best inflation pressure is 0.2 bar. This pressure makes it possible to visually compress the body of the fender with your thumb or the palm of your hand.

This is especially true in areas of temperature extremes. Air is a gas and will expand and contract accordingly. We advise you to manually check the pressure and shape of your fenders monthly.

To deflate simply insert the supplied needle all the way in and press to remove air.