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The claw anchor was designed by Peter Bruce in the 1970's to secure oil rigs in the rugged North Sea environment.

Constructed of high quality steel, these claw anchors are easy set in most bottoms especially mud and sand. They are and self aligning and always roll upright. They perform relatively well with low rode scopes.

Claw anchors are easy to stow and will fit the majority of standard bow rollers.

Proceans claw anchors have a tying point at the bottom of the shank for attaching a retrieval line.

  3.5KG 5KG 10KG 15KG 20KG
  (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm)
A 400 495 585 610 650
B 270 270 290 380 390
C 265 295 380 395 460
D 10 10 14 14 20


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