Seaflo Macerator Pumps

Reliable Macerator Pumps for Sale Throughout Australia

If you have a large boat or yacht equipped with its own plumbing network, then you’ll need to invest in one of these products to complete some of the more unflattering duties of being a boatman. Designed to empty the holding tank of your water vessels toilet system, our high quality macerator pumps available for sale throughout Brisbane and Australia, grind the effluent with a rotating cutter head for easy suction. This allows for a much simpler disposal process your waste and effectively eliminates gravity from the emptying process. This means the user can conveniently lift the waste to a receptacle whether above or below the pump elevation.

Our macerator pumps are designed locally, meaning we are able to cut our costs

By essentially eliminating the need for wholesalers and distributors, we offer our range of marine accessories and replacement equipment at drastically reduced prices. Receiving savings of up to 50% off recommended retail prices, you can purchase your pumps directly from our warehouse. Based in Cannonvale, north of Brisbane, our warehouse can distribute pumps and other products for sale, such as boat navigation lights and ladders, throughout Australia. Simply browse through our comprehensive online store to find the right products to meet your needs and add them to your cart for an easy, straight forward payment process.

Either pick up yourself or have our pumps delivered to Brisbane and beyond

With delivery options available throughout the country, we have made our premium range accessible to all. Whether you wanted to make the drive to our warehouse to pick up yourself, or have your purchase delivered to your door, we aim to be flexible and accommodating. Having operated within the marine chandlery industry for many years, our customers have come to appreciate our high quality products, competitive prices, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

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