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Proceans Stinger Gloves are designed and manufactured to ensure you and your family are protected from marine stingers and UV exposure. Cheaper alternatives are unlikely to sufficiently protect from the ever growing presence of native marine stingers such as Irukandji.

Proceans stinger gloves are made from 82% nylon and 18% spandex. This blend offers premium protection against UV protection, stingers and has better stretch characteristics than other fabrics. 

These stinger gloves offer a high degree of protection from stinging marine creatures. Stinger protection is recommended by Surf Life Saving Queensland.

Surf Life Saving Queensland recommends individuals entering the water wear protective swimwear designed specifically to reduce the incidence of a marine sting, such parameters include:

  • A mesh size no greater than 200 microns (200/1000th of a mm or 1/5 of a mm)
  • Opaque clothing which offers a high degree of sun protection
  • Synthetic smooth fabrics are preferable as there is less of a chance that tentacles will stick, possibly leading to secondary marine stings
  • Heat-retention properties should be appropriate to the environment

Proceans stinger gloves meet and exceed these recommendations.

It is important for swimmers not to rely on standard stinger protective swimwear to provide adequate protection during times of heavy marine stinger infestation. It is advised to stay out of the water until the risk subsides.

Stinger suits should also be regularly inspected for holes, loose threading, broken or damaged zippers and other causes of decreased effectiveness, and where required replaced or repaired.

It is possible to be stung on exposed skin, such as hands, face and feet, but most stings occur on parts of the body that are typically covered by protective clothing. Be aware of loose or billowing clothing that may trap jellyfish against the skin; tuck in any loose fitting clothing.

First Aid

  1. Call for help: Dial 000 for an ambulance, seek help from a lifesaver or lifeguard
  2. Emergency care: Provide CPR if required
  3. Treat the sting: Flood the site of the sting with vinegar for a minimum 30 seconds
  4. Seek medical aid: Transport to hospital

Irukandji Syndrome may take up to 40 minutes to appear after the sting so it is important to monitor someone for 45 minutes in a safe location out of the water after tropical jellyfish sting. All tropical jellyfish stings should be doused with vinegar.

Sub-tropical Coastal Regions (Sunshine Coast to Yeppoon)

  • Vinegar (minimum 5 litres)
  • Ice packs/ice
  • Oxygen equipment
  • Defibrillator

Tropical Coastal Regions (north of Yeppoon)

  • Vinegar (minimum 10 litres)
  • Ice packs/ice
  • Oxygen equipment
  • Defibrillator


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