AISI 316 Mast Cleats

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AISI 316 Mast Cleat, 205mm AISI 316 Mast Cleat, 205mm
L1 = 205mm, L2 = 137mm, W = 34mm, H = 56mm
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AISI 316 Mast Cleat, 310mm AISI 316 Mast Cleat, 310mm
L1 = 310mm, L2 = 175mm, W = 50mm, H = 78mm
In stock

Proceans mast cleats are cast from AISI 316 stainless steel and polished to a mirror finish.

They are hard wearing and classically designed to suit the harshest environments.

Each cleat is quality assured from stainless ingot through to finished product.

Each cleat is affixed using the following specifications (use only AISI 316 marine grade stainless steel bolts):

  • 205mm Cleat - 2 X M10 bolts
  • 265mm Cleat - 2 X M12 bolts
  • 310mm Cleat - 2 X M16 bolts

Always pre-fill holes with a good quality, marine grade silicone before affixing.

The accompanying diagram will assist you assessing the suitability of this cleat.


Brand Proceans

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