HDG ISO4565 M Grade/G40 (High Tensile) Short Link Chain Per Metre

Save 10% for 50 metres or more - 2 Year Warranty

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HDG ISO4565 Short Link Chain M/G40 Grade 8mm x 1m HDG ISO4565 Short Link Chain M/G40 Grade 8mm x 1m
BL = 4,320Kg, SWL = 1,080Kg
In stock
HDG ISO4565 Short Link Chain M/G40 Grade 10mm x 1m HDG ISO4565 Short Link Chain M/G40 Grade 10mm x 1m
BL = 6,750Kg, SWL = 1,680Kg
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ISO4565 Windlass Chain – M Grade/G40 (High Tensile)

2 Year Guarantee against Corrosion

M Grade or G40 hot dipped galvanized chain (HDG).  All batches of hot dipped galvanised chain are spray cycle tested in a 5% salt solution (sea water salinity is on average 3.5%) for 48 hours at 35 degrees Celsius to test for corrosion resistance. After 48 hours only white rust is noticeable. No red rust was visible. See SGS Test result.

Proceans M grade chain has 75 microns of zinc and is hot dipped galvanized.

Proceans ISO chain uses 20Mn2 is medium/high tensile chain, specifically designed for anchoring applications. Chain links are auto welded for a smoother join. See 8mm ISO Chain Breaking Load Test result.

Why buy Proceans Short Link ISO4565 Chain, our chain is quality assured through four different processes:

  • Each link is machine calibrated to ensure proper fit for most metric windlasses
  • After calibration each link of the chain is passed through a test windless to ensure trouble free, uninterrupted and smooth running
  • Every 1,000 metres of production chain is tested against breaking load limits, see below chart
  • Fully automatic welding
  • 75 microns of zinc coating

Please check windlass manufacturer's specification prior to purchase of this chain.

Warnings: Do not use for lifting or hoisting applications.

Click on this link to view our Better Boating Guide "CHOOSING THE CORRECT ANCHOR CHAIN" for further information


Chain Diameter
Inside Dimensions
Load (BL)
Load (WL)
  Length (Pitch) Width   Kg Force Kg Force
8 24 9.6 1.4 4,320 1,080
10 31 13 2.3 6,750 1,680


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